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We help self-employed mental health professionals find their ideal clients. We take care of the business side so you can focus on the work that matters to you.

  • Our online presence makes it easier for clients to find you and get the help they need.
  • Get access to professional online booking tools.
  • We believe in specificity. If you have a dream clientele you want to work with, we’ll use our expertise to help you become known as the go to for those clients.

  • First impressions matter. Have your client’s trust before the session even starts and do more meaningful work together. A professional look and feel are part of what you get from us.
  • We believe in healthy lifestyles and know that that looks different for everyone. We give you the freedom to embody the life you want and lead your clients by example.
  • Having a receptionist not only adds value to your clients, it also takes a weight off your shoulders to focus on helping the clients in your office.

  • Get client referrals from colleagues who know your style and what your area of expertise is.
  • Being self-employed can sometimes mean unexpected challenges. Get support, resources, and tools to help you through them.
  • We’re picky about who we bring on the team and make sure to nurture growth in our members. Find yourself amongst grounded colleagues who are bringing positive change to this world.
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Photo profil de Marilène Brière-Legault spécialiste dans l'accompagnement de personnes avec tdah.
Portrait de Céline Lemaire, thérapeute spécialiste en acceptation de soi, affichant une expression d'écoute attentive et de bienveillance.
Photo de profil de Nathalie Bazinet, thérapeute relationnelle spécialisée en dynamique familiale
Portrait de Christine Lafortune, thérapeute spécialiste en périodes de transition de vie, affichant une expression d'empathie et de confiance.
Maelle Lafond's profile photo
Profil photo of Bianca Saia
photo profil de thérapeute Sylvie Richard
Portrait de Chantale Lemieux, thérapeute spécialiste en relations humaines, affichant une expression d'ouverture et de compréhension profonde.
Kathie Lagacé's profile photo
Portrait d'Alex Lezama, thérapeute qui offre une expérience relationnelle profonde et sécurisante pour aider ses clients à construire ou regagner leur courage.
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