Divan bleu Clinic Wins Honor Bursary from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of Quebec

Divan Bleu Clinic is proud to announce that it has been awarded a 25,000$ honor bursary from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of Quebec. This bursary is intended for ethnocultural diversity entrepreneurs from immigration who carry an entrepreneurial project aiming at economic development and innovation, in all regions of Quebec. The owner of the clinic, Bianca Saia, is herself Brazilian and part of this ethnocultural diversity.

There is a strong similarity between being part of ethnocultural diversity, being an immigrant, and being an entrepreneur. All three involve stepping out of one’s comfort zone, taking risks, and adapting to new situations. This requires resourcefulness, perseverance, and a desire to succeed.

We are thrilled to be able to use this bursary to help open a new branch in Laval, planned for February 2023.

We believe that our immigrant and entrepreneurial journey can be an inspiration to all those interested in personal development and who want to take control of their lives. That is why we want to thank Entreprendre ici and the Government of Quebec for this recognition that gives even more meaning to our life choices and allows us to feel recognized and valued in our contribution to this country. We are proud to be part of the ethnocultural diversity and to be able to offer our services to all the people of the region.

We are excited to continue our development and to continue to offer you the best therapy care possible. Thank you for your trust and see you soon at the Divan Bleu!

Divan Bleu management team alongside other grant-winning businesses, symbolizing the recognition and financial support received.
Profil photo of Bianca Saia
article written by:
Bianca Saia
Founder, Relationship Therapist
  • Couples Therapy

  • Adult Individual Therapy

  • Polyamory and Non-Conventional Relationship Therapy

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