Our Service Terms

  1. If you need to cancel your appointment, you can do so up to 48 hours in advance, free of charge. In case of no-show or cancelling on the day of the appointment, the total amount of the session will be debited from your credit card.
  2. A schedule change made within 48 hour is subject to the payment of a 50% administration fee.
  3. Receipts received will be under the naturopathic section of your insurance. You are responsible for filing claims with your insurance company.
  4. Our relationship therapists are not psychologists or psychotherapists. To understand the differences between them please click here.
  5. Leaving a review after receiving a request for evaluation of services by Divan bleu clinic is at your discretion and not an obligation or an expectation from us in any way.
  6. If you have children, in most cases, they must be looked after, both face-to-face and by Zoom. If you are unable to make arrangements, check with your therapist before bringing them with you. Children under 10 cannot be left unsupervised in the waiting room.
  7. Punctuality is important. Out of respect for other clients and our schedule, we finish therapy on time, even if you arrive late. If the delay is significant, we reserve the right to not offer the session, especially for couples. In that case, an administrative fee of 50% of the session will be charged.
  8. For couples’ therapies, both partners must be present to start the session.
  9. Payment is due on the same day of the session.
  10. I understand that by using counseling services, I am doing so voluntarily and that I am responsible for the actions taken to achieve my objectives. I can choose to end sessions at any time.
  11. Counseling therapists use mostly the Non-directive Creative approach to support personal and/or relational development. As in all therapeutic services, results are not guaranteed.
  12. Counseling therapy cannot replace or replace any other medical approach, and does not replace the advice and services of a doctor or any other health professional.
  13. Counseling therapists do not perform a medical act, make a diagnosis, or offer treatment for mental health disorders.
  14. You must notify your therapist of any psychological or physical changes during the process.
  15. Your therapist can refer you to another type of follow-up or approach if needed.
  16. No information may be transmitted to another person without written consent. However, confidentiality may be broken if you threaten your safety or the safety of another person, if you are experiencing a major problem representing a serious risk to yourself, The therapist receives a mandate duly completed and signed by a judge (subpoena).
  17. For  sexology: We inform our clients that, in accordance with OPSQ standards, the code of ethics is available in printed form at the office, as well as through the following links:
  18. Dawson Woods is the person responsible for personal information protection at Divan bleu. Here are his contact details: dawson@divanbleu.com, (438) 230-4009