Online Therapy

The help you need, without leaving home

Do you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts and emotions?

Do you feel like you lack confidence or don't know how to assert yourself?

Do you find relationships with others are complicated or stressful?

Do you have difficulty coping with a significant change in your life? (separation, illness, birth of a child, move to a new city, job loss...)?

Do you feel that your life is not aligned with your aspirations, but you don’t know how to change that... or where to start?

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Online Counselling

We are here to help you enjoy life to the fullest!

  • To guide you when you feel lost

  • To help you resolve conflicts and find solutions to problems

  • To help you discover and achieve your personal or professional goals

  • To help you find relief from stress and anxious feelings

  • To help you improve your interpersonal relationships, including with your partner, family, friends, or colleagues

  • To help you strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence

  • To support you in difficult times such as the loss of a loved one, an illness, or a separation

  • To help you break out of negative patterns

  • To guide you towards a more authentic, peaceful and free life

Is online therapy effective?

According to a study by the University of Alberta, published in 2020, online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy.

Consider online therapy if:

  • You may struggle to find free time in your schedule, and may be seeking ways to save on commuting time and expenses

  • You travel or move often and want to keep the same therapist

  • Vous avez besoin d’aide rapidement: nos thérapeutes ont des horaires plus flexibles pour des séances en ligne

  • You prefer to open up in the comfort of your home or workplace

  • You live in a rural or isolated area, or far from a therapy office

  • You need a therapist who has a particular specialization or who speaks your native language

  • You are comfortable with digital technologies and oral communication via the internet

  • Vous désirez une plus grande confidentialité (ne pas croiser des personnes dans la salle d’attente, pouvoir choisir un.e thérapeute qui habite dans une autre ville)

  • Disadvantages of online therapy:

  • Distractions or a lack of privacy from household members, pets, or other environmental factors

  • Difficulty connecting with your therapist due to lack of nonverbal cues such as eye contact or body language

  • Technical issues may affect the quality of online therapy

  • Online therapy is not suitable for people with serious psychiatric illnesses or those who need immediate crisis intervention

  • In case one of those factors is a concern for you, you can always use our in-person services!

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  • How Does Online Therapy Work?

    First Session

    You will be able to discuss your difficulties or your objectives with your therapist, in complete confidentiality. The link to connect will be provided before the meeting (Zoom or Google Meet). You will be able to express yourself freely from the comfort of your own home. Your therapist will be there to help you express yourself without judgment, in a warm atmosphere.

    Duration and Frequency

    The duration and frequency of sessions can be adapted to your needs. You can make an appointment once a week or every two weeks, depending on the difficulty you are going through or the decision you have to make.


    After a few online sessions, your therapist will be there for you according to your needs. You will be able to space out meetings monthly or on an ad hoc basis, knowing that you have an emotional safety net at hand to face life's challenges with confidence and serenity.

    Our fees vary from $100 to $160 CAD depending on the professional. You can see the exact prices on each professional’s page, and explore our directory here.

    Our services are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

    We offer Online Therapy in Montréal, Laval, Charlevoix, St-Jérôme, and Lanaudière. We also offer Online Therapy online.

    We provide receipts in naturopathy for private insurances.

    The counseling offered at Divan bleu differs from psychotherapy by focusing on the personal development of the client and their relational skills rather than on diagnosis, interpretation and treatment of a pathology. We do not offer psychotherapy

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    We mainly work with the Non-Directive Creative Approach (ANDC)

    This therapeutic approach is based on the belief that each person possesses inner resources that can be mobilized to overcome the difficulties they encounter.

    In this approach, we consider that not having strong and gratifying connections with others, in the past or the present, are the greatest source of suffering in human beings. For us, these sufferings can be transformed into better well-being through prolonged experiences of healthy and authentic relationships. The therapeutic relationship using the ANDC is a concrete example of this type of healthy relationship. In this context, the therapist acts as a benevolent companion, promoting the growth and personal development of the client.

    Our goal is to help our clients better understand themselves, free themselves from their blockages, and develop skills to cope with life’s difficulties. We work with them to identify their resources, strengths, and talents and to mobilize them so that they can achieve their goals.

    Our approach aims to help people feel better in their own skin, develop their self-confidence, and live a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

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    Our Clients Satisfaction

      I love Alisa heart, her approach is a refreshing alternative as she has a lot of tools to tackle different issues that come up in life. Forever grateful for our check ins.
      Bianca helped me a great deal to listen to my inner voice. Her approach is that of total acceptance, unrelenting empathy and open mindedness. She knows just when to bring in her own wisdom without interfering with the unique individual process that is needed to find one's own answers. She's so effective that, since then, I've been able to handle a lot of issues on my own as they've come up and after only a few of her sessions. But that's my experience. See for yourself. You will absolutely not regret it.
      I never write reviews, but I can’t hold back. Bianca helped me unlock the key to live the life I choose and not the one that was mapped out for me at birth. All I can say is that Bianca will not simply address the symptom but guide you lovingly and patiently to the root cause of the problem. She works miracles! I thought I would need months of therapy, it turns out just two sessions were necessary. It was the most intense soul searching 3 weeks of my life, but so worth it. Bianca helped me lift a dark cloud that was hanging over my head for decades. I can never thank her enough for her kindness, her wisdom, her total and utter lack of judgement, her empathy and her well placed smile when she saw me struggle a bit or not be honest with myself. Words can not express how grateful I am for her help.