Parental Coaching

Experience a happier and more harmonious parenting journey.

Do you feel overwhelmed or helpless when faced with the challenges of raising your children?

Do you lack benchmarks or resources to support them in their development, fulfillment and success?

Do you have difficulty communicating with your children, listening to them, understanding them, respecting them?

Are you experiencing difficult or conflicting situations with your children, which make you angry, distressed or guilty?

Do you have difficulty communicating with your children, listening to them, understanding them, respecting them?

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Being a parent means facing daily challenges.

It also means transmitting values, creating bonds, establishing a climate of trust and kindness within the family.

But what do you do when you feel alone, helpless, and exhausted?

Parental coaching is personalized support that helps you find solutions adapted to your situation. Because every parent deserves to be supported and accompanied in this extraordinary human adventure.

These meetings focus exclusively on you as a parent, without your children present.

Why should you call on a parenting coach?

  • To support you in the education of your children, respecting their needs, their emotions and their personalities

  • To help you manage difficult situations, such as crises, separations, or conflicts

  • To guide you towards more conscious, serene and fulfilling parenthood, in accordance with your values and aspirations

  • To help you establish positive discipline, based on cooperation, respect and accountability

  • To help you find a balance between your personal and professional life, taking care of yourself and your needs

  • To support you in life transitions, such as the arrival of a new child, changing schools or transitioning into adolescence

How Does Parental Coaching Work?

First Session

During your first parental coaching session, feel free to share your challenges and goals with your coach. Our meetings focus exclusively on you as a parent, without the presence of children. This creates a space dedicated to your personal growth. In a comfortable, judgment-free space, we will work together to find concrete solutions.

Duration and Frequency

Parental coaching sessions are flexible, adapting to your schedule. Whether it's a weekly session or once every two weeks, we will work together to provide you with the necessary support at the time that suits you best. Whether it's to overcome a difficult period or simply to benefit from ongoing support, we adjust our pace to your reality.


After a few sessions, you will have a trusted confidant and resource who knows you well and on whom you can rely when needed. It's like having your own emotional safety net, ready to support you throughout your parenting journey.

Our fees vary from $100 to $120 CAD depending on the professional. You can see the exact prices on each professional’s page, and explore our directory here.

Our services are available in English, French, Spanish

We offer Parental Coaching in Montréal, Laval, Charlevoix, St-Jérôme, and Lanaudière. We also offer Parental Coaching online.

We provide receipts in sexology for private insurances.

The counseling offered at Divan bleu differs from psychotherapy by focusing on the personal development of the client and their relational skills rather than on diagnosis, interpretation and treatment of a pathology. We do not offer psychotherapy

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We mainly work with the Non-Directive Creative Approach (ANDC)

This therapeutic approach is based on the belief that each person possesses inner resources that can be mobilized to overcome the difficulties they encounter.

In this approach, we consider that not having strong and gratifying connections with others, in the past or the present, are the greatest source of suffering in human beings. For us, these sufferings can be transformed into better well-being through prolonged experiences of healthy and authentic relationships. The therapeutic relationship using the ANDC is a concrete example of this type of healthy relationship. In this context, the therapist acts as a benevolent companion, promoting the growth and personal development of the client.

Our goal is to help our clients better understand themselves, free themselves from their blockages, and develop skills to cope with life’s difficulties. We work with them to identify their resources, strengths, and talents and to mobilize them so that they can achieve their goals.

Our approach aims to help people feel better in their own skin, develop their self-confidence, and live a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

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Our Clients Satisfaction

    I really loved the time that I spent with Alejandra, I feel listened and supported by her. I feel very confident with her
    She is amazing, she was able to help me figure out exactly how i felt. Gave me tools to better understand myself and be able to express it. This help was really what me and my girlfriend needed to make our relationship stronger. Bianca works wonders and I recommend her to any couple that needs help.
    I never write reviews, but I can’t hold back. Bianca helped me unlock the key to live the life I choose and not the one that was mapped out for me at birth. All I can say is that Bianca will not simply address the symptom but guide you lovingly and patiently to the root cause of the problem. She works miracles! I thought I would need months of therapy, it turns out just two sessions were necessary. It was the most intense soul searching 3 weeks of my life, but so worth it. Bianca helped me lift a dark cloud that was hanging over my head for decades. I can never thank her enough for her kindness, her wisdom, her total and utter lack of judgement, her empathy and her well placed smile when she saw me struggle a bit or not be honest with myself. Words can not express how grateful I am for her help.