Spiritual and Energetic Guidance

Think outside the box to get a fresh perspective and find other sources of help. Spiritual development can offer new paths.
Are you feeling stuck?
Interested in psychedelic preparation/integration?
Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns despite countless efforts to break free of them?
Spiritual guidance and energetic principles can help you open to otherworldly insight. You can then use this insight to make the available and necessary changes that will bring you closer to the life you desire... and deserve.

How do Spiritual Development Sessions Work?

Our approach to energy healing will offer you a toolbox that you will be able to use outside of sessions. You will be invited to work with different aspects of your personality, have opportunities to explore past lives, ancestral traumas, psychedelic preparation or integration, and more.

These aspects are explored through dialogue, while seated in a relaxed setting. Our spiritual guide also uses a technique which involves placing their hands on key areas of your body to circulate energy. This takes place with you fully dressed and lying face-up on a massage table. A combination of both methods, touch and dialogue, can be used in any session.

How Does Spiritual and Energetic Guidance Work?

First Session

You will have already completed and submitted a form describing a little about your personality, the reason for your visit, and your specific goals or desired outcomes from our sessions. It is also possible to discuss these questions during your first meeting.

Duration and Frequency

The frequency of visits can always change depending on your own fluctuating needs and what is happening in your daily life at any given time. Some people will only need one visit, while others will want to schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits.


Spiritual development takes time to integrate into your life and your person. Staying attentive to the new paths shown to you will naturally lead to new opportunities down the line.

Our fees vary from $90 to $120 CAD depending on the professional. You can see the exact prices on each professional’s page, and explore our directory here.

Our services are available in English, French

We offer Spiritual and Energetic Guidance in Montréal, Laval, Charlevoix, St-Jérôme, and Lanaudière. We also offer Spiritual and Energetic Guidance online.

We provide receipts in naturopathy for private insurances.

The counseling offered at Divan bleu differs from psychotherapy by focusing on the personal development of the client and their relational skills rather than on diagnosis, interpretation and treatment of a pathology. We do not offer psychotherapy

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Our Clients Satisfaction

    2 sessions in with Yannick but we already feel like things are getting better for us. Our therapist listens actively, and helps to guide us into the right directions.
    Bianca helped me a great deal to listen to my inner voice. Her approach is that of total acceptance, unrelenting empathy and open mindedness. She knows just when to bring in her own wisdom without interfering with the unique individual process that is needed to find one's own answers. She's so effective that, since then, I've been able to handle a lot of issues on my own as they've come up and after only a few of her sessions. But that's my experience. See for yourself. You will absolutely not regret it.
    Very welcoming and her approach is completely different which gives you a unique experience. I loved my first appointment