Sexologist in Laval: How Sexology Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life

Looking for a sexologist in Laval?

 Do you have difficulties or questions related to your sexuality? Do you want to improve your sex life and your relationship?

We have good news for you: we now have a sexology service in Laval!

What is sexology?

Sexology is a discipline that studies human sexuality in all its aspects: biological, psychological, sociocultural, and ethical. It is interested in the behaviours, feelings, needs, and sexual and relational problems of individuals and couples.

Sexology can help you:

  • Understand and accept your sexuality
  • Develop your confidence and self-esteem
  • Express and satisfy your desires and fantasies
  • Resolve sexual and emotional conflicts and misunderstandings with your partner 
  • Overcome difficulties related to desire, performance, orgasm, pain, or sexual function 
  • Adapt your sexuality to life changes: pregnancy, menopause, illness, aging, etc. 
  • Explore and assume your sexual orientation or gender identity 
  • Experience a healthy, fulfilling, and respectful sexuality.

How does a sexology consultation work?

A sexology consultation is done with a qualified and experienced professional: the sexologist. The sexologist is a therapist who has undergone specialized university training in sexology. She is a member of the Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec (OPSQ) and adheres to a code of ethics.

A sexology consultation can be done individually or as a couple, depending on your situation and preference. The sexologist will welcome you in a safe, confidential, and caring environment. She will listen to you attentively and without judgment. She will help you identify and understand your sexual and relational difficulties or goals. She will offer you avenues for reflection, practical exercises, or resources adapted to your needs. She will accompany you in your process of change or improvement.

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What are some common problems that people encounter?

Among the most common issues for which people seek consultation in sexology are:

  • Desire problems: Individuals may experience different, fluctuating, or low levels of sexual desire. They may also have difficulty feeling or arousing desire in their partner.
  • Performance problems: People may struggle with obtaining or maintaining an erection, ejaculating, lubricating, or achieving orgasm. They may also experience anxiety, pressure, or guilt related to their sexual performance.
  • Satisfaction problems: Individuals may have different or incompatible sexual expectations or preferences. They may also find it challenging to express or fulfill their own desires or those of their partner.
  • Functioning problems: People may suffer from pain, infections, allergies, incontinence, or other physical conditions that affect their sexuality. They may also need to adapt their sexuality to hormonal, physiological, or medical changes.
  • Pleasure problems: Individuals may have limited knowledge about their own bodies or their partner’s. They may also fear exploring or experimenting with new sexual sensations or practices.
  • Intimacy problems: People may feel emotionally disconnected or distant from each other. They may lack intimacy, affection, or support. They may also feel lonely, isolated, or misunderstood in their sexual relationship.
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Curious About Sexology? What Fears and Myths Hold You Back?

It is normal to have fears or hesitations about consulting a sexologist. It is an intimate and delicate subject that can evoke embarrassment, shame, or stress. However, there are also many false beliefs or misconceptions that can prevent you from taking that step. Here are some examples of fears and myths about sexology consultation:

  • Fear of being judged or criticized: The role of a sexologist is not to evaluate or compare you to others. They are there to listen, understand, and help you. They won’t impose their opinions or values on you. They will respect your privacy, your pace, and your choices.
  • Fear of having to undress or engage in sexual acts in front of the sexologist: Sexology consultation is always conducted with respect for your modesty and consent. The sexologist will never ask you to undress or make you uncomfortable in any way. Instead, they will suggest exercises for you to do at home, alone or with your partner(s), based on your needs.
  • Fear of not being normal or having an unsolvable problem: There is no universal norm when it comes to sexuality. Each person is unique and has their own way of living and expressing their sexuality. There are no right or wrong practices as long as they are consensual and respectful. Likewise, there are no insurmountable sexual problems. Most difficulties can be resolved with the help of a competent and compassionate professional.
  • Myth of the all-powerful or magical sexologist: The sexologist is not a guru who will give you miraculous recipes or ready-made solutions. Instead, they are a guide who will accompany you on your personal and relational journey. They will help you become aware of your resources, barriers, and possibilities. They will support you in implementing positive and lasting changes.
  • Myth of the voyeuristic or perverse sexologist: The sexologist is not a sex-obsessed person who will take advantage of your vulnerability or abuse your trust. They are serious and ethical professionals who undergo rigorous training and adhere to a code of ethics. They will never behave inappropriately or make unwarranted advances towards you. They will always maintain a professional distance and compassionate neutrality.

Our team of sexologists at Divan Bleu consists of competent, dynamic, and passionate professionals. They all have extensive experience in the field of sexuality and are trained in the most effective and recognized approaches. They listen to your needs and expectations and are ready to help you live a happier and more harmonious sexuality.

If you still have fears or questions about sexology consultation, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss them. We will be delighted to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. We hope this article has sparked your interest in discovering our sexology service in Laval, and we look forward to hearing from you soon to schedule an appointment with a sexologist at Divan Bleu!

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