Kathie Lagacé

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  • Polyamory and Non-Conventional Relationship Therapy


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My Divan bleu Mission

Help my clients live fulfilling intimate and relational lives, in harmony with their values ​​and their desires.

Kathie Lagacé sitting in a therapy office

My Story

Looking for a sex therapist is a courageous and honest act towards oneself. Sexuality and relationships are crucial topics that deserve sincere exploration. But often, we conform to the norms imposed by society, thus distancing us from our true identity. I understand the psychological and emotional challenges that come with this quest. I also know that sexuality is constantly changing, and it’s normal for our desires to fluctuate.

Together, we can reassert your power over your own sexuality, according to your choices and desires of today. I believe that everyone should live a sexuality that fits them authentically, without shame or compromise. As a sexologist, I welcome your personal revelations, your questions, your beliefs and your concerns. My role is to listen to you, reassure you, equip you and help you clarify and reinforce your choices.

I am often described as a warm, empathetic, genuine and open-minded person. I attach great importance to listening attentively and I am constantly striving to improve my own knowledge in order to offer you a personalized follow-up.

Since childhood, I have been sensitive to injustices and inequalities, especially those affecting women. As a teenager, I became aware of the issues related to the diversity of sexual orientation. Today, I am deeply sensitive to issues of gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion and cultural diversity – I consider myself an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. I can guide you towards healthy, egalitarian and satisfying relationships.

My journey started as a nurse, where I was always passionate about sexual health. I realized that sexuality was often neglected, both in our daily lives and in the field of health. This is why I decided to become a sexologist, in order to accompany people towards a sexual-relational development. My goal is to help you find sexual fulfillment, as well as a fulfilling relationship with your partners and with yourself.

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    I use She/She pronouns. I have an intersectional and humanist feminist approach. I am very sensitive to the condition of women, especially in connection with sexuality since it has long been invisible. I firmly believe that women also have the right to safe, satisfying and fulfilling sexuality.

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    I am an adventurer who likes to travel a lot. I already have several trips under my belt, but my longest and most rewarding trip was my 6 month trip to Peru. I did an international coop internship there where I lived with a family for 6 months and where I worked as a sexual and reproductive health counsellor. During these 6 months, I learned to speak Spanish, because I did not speak a word of Spanish before. All the while I learned a lot about their culture as well as much about myself.

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    I am a girl who loves all board sports. I’ve been snowboarding and wakeboarding since I was a teenager. I did flowboard competitions (indoor surfing) at Maeva Surf here in Laval at Centropolis. In the last few years, I haven’t had the chance to do flowboard since I lived on the south shore of Montreal. Finally back on the North Shore, I can’t wait to start again 🙂🏄‍♀️

Degrees & Experience

  • BAC in sexology at UQAM with concentration in feminist studies
  • Sexual Health Certificate
  • DEC in nursing
  • 6 months international cooperation in Peru as a sexual and reproductive health advisor
  • Member of the Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec (OPSQ)
  • Member of the Association of Sexologists of Quebec (ASQ)

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