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  • Spiritual and Energetic Guidance 50-minutes - 90$ (taxes incluses)

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My Divan bleu Mission

To teach individuals tools to gain clarity, perspective or relief from issues that may be otherwise left unexplained, confusing, or seem outside of our worldly realm.

Alisa Heart, guide spirituel et de pouvoir personnel, spécialisée en guérison énergétique et intégration psychédélique.

My Story

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like the carpet of life got pulled out from under your feet?

You’re at the end of your rope and have exhausted what seems to be all options.

Maybe you feel like you’ve been living life for someone else, for example, you got the degree that would make your parents or teachers proud.

You’re surrounded by people, but feel completely alone.

Or maybe you’re acting in ways that you know aren’t good for you, but when you try to stop, you just can’t.

You could have unexplained aches and pains and modern medicine has become a dead end.

You’ve woken up, and feel you have a greater purpose, and are now ready to live life your way. But it’s not clear where to go from here.

Have you had a spiritual awakening?  That moment where you had an epiphany and realized that you are so much more than this body and there is so much more to life than society is letting on. Perhaps you thought this insight would cause life to become easy and everything would go your way, only to realize that things are seeming more out of control and scary than ever.

You’re feeling sensations and emotions you’ve never felt before, and on one hand, this is exciting.  On the other hand, however, these sensations and emotions can be intense and you may not have the tools necessary to navigate them yet.

The truth is that being stuck, or waking up can simply be different places  in a lifelong journey, and having someone who understands what you are going through can be an invaluable resource.

I hope to be this for you.

My personal healing journey began in 2011 and continues to this day, moving through paths of yoga, naturopathy, somatic therapies, countless workshops, trainings, and experiences.

My most recent training was with Chiron Academy, where I learned a harm reduction approach to psychedelic integration.  Whether you’re looking to make sense of an experience you’ve already had, or preparing to undergo your own healing session using psychedelics, I can help you with that.

I will draw from all that I have learned and use energetic healing techniques to create an individualized session or set of sessions designed specifically for you and your situation.

You can be assured to be welcomed with an open-mind and compassion, no matter what you’re bringing forth.

I am excited to be part of such a great team as Divan Bleu and it is my great pleasure to meet with you if you feel so called.

How a Spiritual Development Session Works:

Our approach to energy healing will offer you a toolbox that you will be able to use outside of sessions.  You will be invited to work with different aspects of your personality, have opportunities to explore past lives, ancestral traumas, psychedelic preparation or integration, and more.

These aspects are explored through dialogue, while seated in a relaxed setting.  Our spiritual guide also uses a technique which involves placing their hands on key areas of your body to circulate energy.  This takes place with you fully dressed and lying face-up on a massage table.  A combination of both methods, touch and dialogue, can be used in any session. For more info, please visit this page.

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    I’m an avid dancer. I find such release through it. Physical, emotional, creatively.

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    Sensuality fascinates me in so many different ways: Eros and pleasure (and the power they wield), surrender and direction, the push-pull, finding the sweet spot in every moment…

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    I pick up seashells and rocks from almost everywhere I go and place them all around my house. Every now and again I pick them up and feel the energy held within them. It grounds me.

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