Beatris Krieger

TRA, Thérapeute en relation d’aide par l’ANDC®
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  • Montreal – Plateau Mont-Royal

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My Divan bleu Mission

To help couples who want to maintain lasting relationships by rediscovering and re-choosing each other.

Beatris Krieger, thérapeute spécialisée en dynamiques de relations à long terme, assise en fauteuil.

My Story

Falling in love is easy: it’s a consuming flame, a passion, and an explosion of colors.

But to have such a love last? Ah! That’s an art form!

How do you rediscover each other, and fall in love again?

How do you re-choose each other again, to be embers after the flame, and not to become ashes?

How to survive infidelity? How to survive menopause?

And the routine that puts you in a state of boredom, is it a habit?

These are questions, I asked myself (and I still ask myself), one after another…

Working with these changes is a must for someone like me, a lover of the long term, of the long stormy crossing of the ocean, with its storms and calms, with its troughs and its perfect waves.

I deeply believe that a human relationship is an extraordinary adventure that is worth exploring, savoring, and experiencing. But I also believe that to be able to live to thrive during this adventure, you must first know and tame yourself: what are my needs? My desires? My limits? My fears? Am I happy with myself? And why? Would I choose myself as a partner? As a friend?

By being aware of my different facets, I learn to relate to others by putting forward who I am, not my facade. I give myself every chance to be seen and loved as I wish. And I discover the other for who they are, not for who I expect them to be.

I believe that each of us is capable of finding happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction in the small and big things in life, despite all the obstacles in our way.

Therapy, individual or relational, is an extraordinary way to better overcome these obstacles and to get to know oneself and the other.

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    I am Brazilian, I lived ten years on a sailboat going around the world and I adopted Montreal as my home base. I speak and work in Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.

    I am passionate about music and dancing, I cultivate my friendships with passion, I pass for a workaholic but I also love being alone, doing nothing, being contemplative and lazy, especially at the water’s edge. Between a lake or ocean, the choice is hard!

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    I’m an artist – it’s a space where I get a lot of attention (and I love it!). But in my seat as a therapist I like to have my ego disappear to listen to and serve others, while remaining myself. These two polarities complement and balance me.

  • Learn a secret about this professional

    I have a passion for DIY. I fix everything around the house and nothing relaxes me like having my drill in hand.

Degrees & Experience

  • Graduate of Centre de relation d’aide de Montréal (CRAM), individual, couple, and adolescent therapies
  • Responsible for pedagogy at the Center de Relation d’Aide de Montréal
  • Psychopedagogical assistant at CRAM
  • Member of Regroupement des Intervenants et Thérapeutes en Médecine Alternative et complémentaire (RITMA)
  • Member of Corporation des Thérapeutes en relation d’aide du Canada (CITRAC)

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