Bianca Saia

Founder, Relationship Therapist
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  • Adult Individual Therapy - 120.00$ (taxes incluses)

  • Couples Therapy - 160.00$ (taxes incluses)

  • Polyamory and Non-Conventional Relationship Therapy


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  • Montreal – Plateau Mont-Royal

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My Divan bleu Mission

To empower clients to make their romantic relationships harmonious and exciting.

Thérapeute en relation d'aide, Bianca Saia, assise dans une chaise

My Story

I understand the pure happiness of feeling really close and loved by your partner, vibrating with butterflies in your stomach and having the peace of mind of being in a stable and supportive relationship.

I also understand loneliness, ugly and repetitive fights, emotional distance, the tears and anxiety of being so far away from the person that we used to love … and whom we believed would love us back forever.

Nothing makes me feel more energized than my quest to understand people’s hearts. This is why I became a woman and a therapist who’s quite passionate, and even slightly obsessed, with identifying the mysteries, the ingredients and the alchemy of satisfying and lasting love relationships.

Having my own personal experiences and having done lots of research, I can almost guarantee that I will be able to connect and empathize with you, no matter how much you feel abnormal, hopeless, bored or wild in your love and sex life.

I am committed to providing you with a trauma-informed approach and a place where you will feel comfortable quickly. Where you’ll be able to open up and share what would be challenging to say elsewhere. You’ll receive empathy, tools and tailored answers to your reality and the reality of the 21st century.

I created the Divan bleu center so that I could offer a space for therapists who are just as passionate about their subjects, who are human and committed to giving their own clients an experience at the forefront of therapy and coaching.

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    Originally from Brazil, I moved to Quebec at the age of 23 because I fell in love… with this country! People are often surprised to learn that I do not really miss my home country. I found my place and my happiness in Quebec and I will always be grateful for the welcome with open arms that I received by this province. Winter does not bother me either!
    I know, it’s crazy. 🙂

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    Pleasure is key in my life. Dance (improvisation contact), arts, music festivals, gourmet food, and all that is sensual. Travel, for me it is not “optional”. I find it essential to have a schedule, a budget and a lifestyle that allows me to feel free and stimulated as often as necessary. This is how I find energy to face my pain and the pain of others while keeping my spark.

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    When I was 8, I was already reading in secret articles like “45 ideas to spice up your sex life” in my mum’s Cosmos. You can say I was a precocious child!

Degrees & Experience

  • Founder of the Divan bleu center
  • Graduate of the Centre de relation d’aide de Montréal (CRAM), Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy
  • Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Bachelor of Social Communication
  • Psychopedagogy Assistant at CRAM, from 2011 to 2013
  • Member of the Regroupement of intervenants and therapists in Alternative and Complementary Medicine(RITMA)
  • Organizer and teacher of the Touch&Play festival in Montréal

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