Christophe Magnette

TRA, ANDC® Relationship Therapist
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  • Adult Individual Therapy - 114.98$ (taxes incluses)

  • Couples Therapy - 137.97$ (taxes incluses)

  • Polyamory and Non-Conventional Relationship Therapy


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  • Montreal – Plateau Mont-Royal

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My Divan bleu Mission

Helping you find your way to the “real you”, in relationships and with yourself.

Christophe Magnette, spécialisé dans l'accompagnement des clients polyamoureux.

My Story

When I think about what really drives me in my work as a therapist, the same thing always comes to mind: helping people find themselves, and to get to know themselves better.

It may sound simple and obvious. But it takes a lot of effort to get rid of what our surroundings may want for us, society, comparison … To finally find and free ourselves.

This is a path that I started a long time ago. I had to identify my needs and my desires, understand my limits, learn how to say no, question myself…

Originally from Belgium, Quebec is where I found my place. It was in Montreal that I was able to get rid of a model of superficial communication, which no longer suited me, to move towards authentic, more fulfilling relationships. I come from a world where we often hide the way we feel, especially as a man.

I experienced difficult times in my life: breakups, various griefs, periods of deep doubt … I had to question traditional relationship models to find what suited me. For that, I had to face emotions that I didn’t think were part of me and I had to accept them.

Professionally, I went through exciting times, where I participated in big projects, and others where I felt like stagnating, not knowing where I was going.

Those years of training to become a relationship therapist encouraged me to continue this path in greater depth. Today, I have to admit that comparing myself to others made my life difficult, to the point of sometimes feeling lost. I have to also admit that I found it really difficult to find a type of relationship that suited me and to live fully and freely my sexuality.

I recognize that having someone that could listen to me has really helped me in this journey. I am now committed to be that person for you and I deeply believe that everyone deserves to receive appropriate guidance without feeling judged. So it is now my turn to support you on your way to finding yourself…

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    I believed for a long time that wearing a Hawaiian shirt was too flashy for me. I used to judge those who dared wearing colors like these. I now love these types of shirts in which I feel totally … myself.

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    A music lover since I was a teenager, I have never stopped looking for new artists to listen to, new sounds to discover, the best concerts of the moment… I like a lot of different styles but techno events are the ones that most allow me to feel free and alive, thanks to dance.

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    I often thought I needed others to move forward. One day, two friends cancelled a trip to Asia that we had planned together. After a moment of panic, I decided to go anyway. Traveling alone was a revelation. I have since visited all the continents by myself.

Degrees & Experience

  • Graduate of Centre de relation d’aide de Montréal (CRAM), Individual Therapy
  • Bachelor of Communication
  • Member of the Corporation Internationale des Thérapeutes en Relation d’Aide du Canada (CITRAC)

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