Nathalie Bazinet

TRA, ANDC® Relationship Therapist
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  • Couples Therapy - 150$ (taxes incluses)

  • Therapy for Children and Teenagers - 100$ (taxes incluses)


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My Divan bleu Mission

Helping couples rekindle love, helping them build a stronger relationship based on trust, intimacy and cooperation.

Nathalie Bazinet, thérapeute relationnelle spécialisée en dynamique familiale, assise dans un fauteuil

My Story

You chose each other, but as the years go by, you find yourself only seeing your partner’s imperfections. Doubts arise, and the person you loved so much seems to drift away. Loneliness, sadness, anger, and anxiety set in, and you wonder where the happiness you were looking to create together has gone.

Being in a relationship can be particularly difficult when silence, ignorance, or conflict take over. Words become scarce, communication becomes a challenge, and the idea of expressing yourself without triggering conflict seems out of reach.

I understand the frustration you feel. If you are reading this, it is because you do not want to remain passive in the face of difficulties. And that’s already the beginning of the path to improving your situation!

I myself went through a period where recognizing my own responsibility was complex and difficult. After two romantic breakups, I had to overcome the reflex of blaming the other to really move forward in my relational life. Everything changed when I started to understand what I needed and what I lacked in my love life.

As a therapist, I am committed to helping you find your own answers, with a balance between heart and mind. My goal is not to take sides, but to help you find a path towards more self-love and love in your relationships. I wholeheartedly wish to work with couples ready to invest in their relationship’s success. With mutual commitment, we will undoubtedly go somewhere nicer.

My professional experience with couples, children and adolescents has given me particular confidence in human beings, and before even meeting, in you. If you choose me as your therapist, it is with the conviction that I have something meaningful to bring you.

Ready to embark on a more fulfilling life as a couple and/or family? Make an appointment with me and let’s start this adventure together.

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    After 20 years of working in IT, a stimulating, pragmatic and rational profession, I chose to begin my training in helping relationships at the Centre de Relation d’aide de Montréal. It was a career change where I combined my strength of heart and my sensitivity with my rational strength that I used every day. There is no age to change, grow and be happier. Waiting until retirement to love life and enjoy it was out of the question for me.

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    I am an adventurer at heart, I like to hit the road and enjoy the great outdoors, nature and landscapes. For me, sports are a personal challenge that motivate me to surpass myself. My dream is to do the Chemin de Compostela Quebec, a hike that crosses the cultural and natural heritage of Quebec. To prepare for this adventure, I am participating in the “Défi ça marche”, a program that allows me to train at my own pace. This is the ideal formula to achieve my goal.

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    I am the grandmother of two little girls. Children for me mean joy, pleasure and spontaneity. I love being in contact with their creativity, it helps me preserve my childish heart. What a joy to have fun without all the responsibility! ♥️

Degrees & Experience

  • Graduate of the Montreal Help Relationship Center (CRAM), couples therapy
  • Graduate of the Montreal Help Relationship Center (CRAM), therapy for children and adolescents
  • Speaker and creator of the workshop « Comment aider les jeunes qui ont peur » (How to help young people who are afraid)
  • Therapist supervisor (in training)

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