Philippe Ménard

TRA, ANDC® Relationship Therapist
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My Divan bleu Mission

To help you navigate big life changes and find ways to communicate openly and caringly about these events.

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My Story

It is completely normal to feel doubts and uncertainties in your relationships when you are faced with important changes, such as an illness or job loss. Even happy times, like the arrival of children, can be stressful.

These events can challenge our sense of stability or security, and leave us with fears and doubts about our personal strength or that of our relationship.

I myself went through cancer at the age of 21, and for many years I repressed this painful experience. As I have experienced myself, the repression of emotions in times of change can lead to a lack of communication and mutual understanding with your partner. Illness and other life changes can also disrupt intimacy within the couple, which can be very difficult to cope with.

If one partner doesn’t talk about how they’re feeling or allow the other to be supportive, it can lead to an emotional distance and create frustration. Distance and defensive reactions can endanger the relationship.

Thanks to the work I put into self-development, I learned to welcome this part of my past and to accept it. Today, happy in my relationship, I feel free to talk about my experience, and I have developed a deep gratitude for my connection with my body. I also understand that it is not so much the changes that are obstacles to the relationship, but rather the lack of acceptance of change, the difficulty of talking to each other heart to heart, and of being vulnerable.

I know that overcoming your fears to open up isn’t easy. For many, it is often easier to avoid sensitive subjects than to take the risk of a conflict, or to be fragile.

Together we will work to help you find the strength to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way, and to help you feel closer and more at peace with your loved ones. As an individual or as a couple, whether you need to talk about your emotions, put your feelings into words or simply take time to reconnect, I am here to support and accompany you.

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    I am continuing my training and my personal development in order to enrich myself further in my knowledge of ​​relationships. For me, it is essential to continuously work on myself. Every day I learn to know myself better and to accept myself as I am, which is beneficial both in my personal life and in my work as a therapist.

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    I am becoming more and more interested in incorporating spirituality into my life and I recently did a 10-day silent retreat (Vipassana). It allowed me to know myself better in a physical, psychic and spiritual space.

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    I have been happily married for 22 years and my wedding took place in a small chapel in Las Vegas, the Candelight Chapel, where Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Caine were also married!

Degrees & Experience

  • Graduate of Centre de relation d’aide de Montréal (CRAM), individual therapy, couples therapy, and grief support
  • Member of Corporation internationale des thérapeutes en relation d’aide du Canada (CITRAC)
  • Member of Regroupement des intervenants et thérapeutes en médecine alternative et complémentaire (RITMA)

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