What if COVID brought us clarity around our sense of purpose?

It’s what we’re all talking about. It’s what has taken over the focus of our conversations, our media coverage, our daily interactions. Covid. We’re interested in where it is, how it’s affecting our health, our businesses, our schools. Will there be a vaccine? Which country is handling what and how? What I’m hearing less of is how this has impacted us in a positive way. What changes have we made, individually, in response to the impact the virus has had on our lives, in order to better align ourselves in the future?

I think the more we get clear on the gifts this virus has to bring us, the less power it has to shake us from our center.

We’re all in this together.

This applies to everyone. I don’t think anyone is (pardon the pun) immune to having had this virus impact their life in some sort of way.

a bunch of rope all entwined signifying the mess of connections and issues to work out

How can we unwind this mess?

So let’s see, together, how we can unwind this mess of tangled yarn that is Covid and separate each strand one by one.

There’s a parable that showed up on my social media feed the other day. I question the validity of the actual possibility of the experiment being true, but that’s besides the point.

The story goes like this: If you put 100 red ants in a jar with 100 black ants all will be fine. If you put the 100 red ants in the jar and shake it, then put in the 100 black ants, the red ants will see the black ants as the enemy and start fighting them.

The story is trying to get the reader to realize that the enemy here is not the black ants, or the red ants, but the one who is shaking the jar.

“…there is absolutely nothing that can

 actually go wrong in the world.”

a close up of two ants interacting

How this could translate to your daily life including Covid as a key player, could look a variety of ways.

Take your spouse and your relationship with them as an example. You and your spouse can be the red and black ants and Covid is shaking your jar.

Same can be true for work. You and your job are ants, Covid shakes again.

Kids, school, Covid. This process can continue in all areas of your life.

What if we were conscious enough to realise that there is no enemy here at all? What if we were woke enough to admit that we, ourselves, can often be the ones shaking our own jar?

I mean, spiritually speaking, there is absolutely nothing that can actually go wrong in the world. This idea can be a big pill to swallow and the thought merits its own blog post, but just bear with me for a moment.

I’m not saying that just because what is happening is necessary and meant to be happening, means it will automatically feel ok in your body.

It’s very normal, human and healthy to feel angry, frustrated, sad. To believe that things are unfair and not right.

But what if you were to also understand that just because something doesn’t feel right, doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem to solve, or an enemy to defeat?

What if that thing that has gone wonky in your couple is there to show you something?

What if those extra hours you’re putting into work, or your lack of work are actually pointing to a deeper truth?

What if you were to focus on the lesson, rather than the perceived problem?

the words "you got this" written in chalk on the pavement

The light at the end of the tunnel

If we are able to begin to see Covid as something that has come to bring us more clarity around a particular area of our life, we will have regained some of our personal power.

I’m talking about taking the time to sit with uneasy feelings.  Doing the work.  Using your tools or finding and improving on some new ones.

If we were to see Covid as something that could bring us clarity around our sense of purpose, we can begin to ask ourselves some important questions. 

We now can stop and ask ourselves: “What do I need at this moment? What is lacking? What help should I be asking for? What is this here to teach me? What do I need to say?”

Only then can we begin to make the changes necessary to become more aligned with our inherent purpose. Only then can we begin to create a more fulfilling life for ourselves and world for others.

a misty forest with light shining between the trees and leaves. Showing a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark space.

There are many other ways to get clarity on your sense of purpose, including and not limited to booking a session with me at Divan Bleu.  

It would be my pleasure to hear your personal story and guide you gently toward creating a life that feels truer and more in alignment.

Best to you on your Journey,

Alisa heart

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